Second Marriage (“Maria Teresa”)

[editors note: the information on this page is most likely to be of interest primarily to descendants of Dr. Martinez]

Maria Teresa Del Pozo was the second wife of Dr. Martinez. This wedding took place in November of 1896. She was the daughter of Pastor Del Pozo Marin and Ines Santos. The Groom was 46 years of age and the Bride was 22 years of age. Dr. Martinez’ marriage to his first wife Rafaela Serrano y Ruiz had taken place in October of 1873 and now he was marrying a second wife who had been born only two months after his first wedding day in December of 1873. This means that she was probably only a year or two older than Dr. Martinez’ oldest child1.

His first wife had died giving birth to his youngest child two years earlier in 1894. This youngest child – who never knew her biological mother – was Maria Martinez Serrano. After the death of her mother,  she was raised by her older sisters. The second marriage then took place when she was two years old.   The family house in Guayaquil was large enough that it had a separate wing2 where the children from the first marriage could live, and where they even had separate cooking facilities, while the children who would soon come from the second marriage lived in a separate part of the home with their parents.  Three years after this second marriage, in 1899, Dr. Martinez and Maria Teresa would have a son whose name was Ramon. He was five years younger than his older step-sister Maria Martinez Serrano and is known to have communicated with her well into adulthood.

When she reached adulthood, Maria Martinez Serrano married Julio Eustorgio Calderon. The descendants of this union -and there are many of them- still live today3 in Guayaqil. A videotape is available on the “Echoes” website -created in 2013- in which they – together with other relatives in attendance – send their regards to their North American relatives.

When she was 23 years of age, her father, Dr. Francisco X. Martinez Aguirre, died. Two years later his widow left with all her children to New York, where she would die a year later (in 1920). Ramon had left the country sometime before that departure and already had a job there.

Evidence suggests that after the departure and subsequent death of Maria Teresa, Maria Martinez must have been a key contact in Ecuador for the orphaned North American relatives, especially in the first two decades. In the 1940’s Maria Teresa’s son Jacinto (“Sookie”) returned to Ecuador and he is known to have had reasonably close ties to some distant Serrano relatives4 at whose residence both Mary Agnes5 and Ramon would stay on thir first return to Ecuador.

  1. The biography of Bonnie’s wife Margaret lists the name of the oldest child “Julio Rafael” but not his date of birth. However she does show that he had received a DDS degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1899 – and that he died in 1904 (??)
  2. I am following here a verbal account given to me by Maria Antonieta who knew Maria Martinez Serrano personally – pjc.
  3. 2015
  4. ie: distant relatives of Dr. Martinez’ first wife Rafaela.
  5. Mary Agnes seems to have been the first of the siblings to have returned to Ecuador. Her trip was in 1964 and she is known to have stayed in the home of distant Serrano relatives according to Maria Antonieta who first met Mary Agnes there when she was a little girl. These distant Serrano relatives were already known to Maria Antonieta at the time because her family had close ties to them. Ramon’s first trip occurred some five or seven years after the trip of Mary Agnes but he stayed in the same house.
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