Woman scholar, famous interpreter of the Bible -according to the conveniences of some clergy- skilled baker, witch, and sorceress notable for her skill.

This innocent child was born in the devoted region of our Christian Republic -of who knows what age and of unknown parentage. She distinguished herself from her childhood: for her talent, good instincts and virtues and when she was admitted to a seminary she captured the affection of her superiors -truly righteous men- to the point of it becomming necessary for her to leave that establishment, carried by the fervor of her holy calling and knocking on the doors of various prelates for unknown reasons; it was difficult to find one who might dare to confer upon her the sacred orders. Furthermore as insurmountable difficulties were presented, she crossed the sea and finally found a helping hand that conferred the dignity which she so coveted, which was to open the road to happiness here on earth. Her talent wisdom and skill in the art of pleasing facilitated her entry into the palace of a prince, who soon came to love her dearly.

Located in beneficial surroundings, she was remarkable for her virtues and good instincts, and so in this way we have provided through the study of her character -albeit drawn roughly- the portrait of this interesting personality.

1. "Nieto" is a Spanish surname. In Spanish cultures, nuns are addressed not as "Sister" but as "Mother" (just as priests are addressed as "Father"). So the metaphorical individual being created here is a nun whose first name is "Celestina" and whose surname is "Nieto". Note that "Nieto" also means grandchild in Spanish; the cartoon on page 3 will use this fact for a play on words.