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By Mr. Woodpecker, doctor of human sciences, Doctor of the humanities and inhumanities; member of the academy of the sharp-tongued, established in TUSA (Veintemilla province) and in the Anthropoligical Society of Cuenca (Ecuador), honorary member of several European scientific societies ...etc...etc...etc.

[Translator's Note: Regarding the mention of "TUSA (Veintemilla province)", superficially this refers to a city in northern Ecuador, high in the Andes mountains. The names of both the province and the city had been changed by legislative decree of President Caamaño approximately 20 months prior to the date of this issue of "El Perico". The name of the province was changed from Veintemilla to Carchi (after the river forming the border with Columbia) and the name of the city was changed from Tusa to San Gabriel. Both names remain current to the present day (ie: the present name would be "San Gabriel, Carchi"). It seems likely that this reference to "Veintemilla province" is an allusion to ex-president Veintimilla (1876-1883) whose tenure as president had been marked initially by bold, radical moves to make a clean break with the "Republica Catolica" of President Garcia Moreno (by eliminating the concordat, secularizing education, etc.). Now president Caamaño's intent was to restore the "Republica Catolica", obliterating entirely the memory of Veintemilla and his attempted reforms.]