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I'm not Pippo nor Bettina
A mystery is enclosed within me
I am the grandchild of "Good Judgement"
I'm her mother Celestina.

NOTE: "Pippo and Bettina were characters from the popular French Comic Opera "La mascotte". It was very popular when it was first released in 1880 (five years before this issue of "El Perico") and the English word "mascot", meaning an animal that brings good luck, is derived from the title of this play. The story revolves around the farm girl "Bettina" who -according to the story- brings good luck to whoever posesses her so long as she remains a virgin. Things get complicated when "Pippo" -a shepherd- falls in love with Bettina...

NOTE: "Mother Celestina" is described in detail on pages 1 and 2 of the text. In Latin American Cultures, it is customary for non-clergy to address nuns as "Mother" just as they address priests as "Father". The nuns themselves address each other as "sister" just as they do in English-speaking North American Cultures.