[Translator's note: Each issue of "El Perico" included this section called "Chirps" (Spanish: "Gorgeos") containing a poem by Joseph Lapierre.]

This poem has not yet been translated

It is entitled "Callete Juana" (Be silent Juana!) and each verse has the refrain:

Be silent Juana!
For by the tail it is known
when it is an iguana

(or: "Shut-up Juana! iguana is known by its tail")

The poem is signed by "Ruisenor" (the Nightingale)
The Nightengale was the pseudonym used by Joseph Lapierre, the poet whose poems appeared in the issues of "El Perico" along with Dr. Martinez' cogently worded rhetorical articles. Together, Martinez Aguirre and Lapierre attacked the same target, each of them using his own weapons and skills to accomplish the task at hand. ("Each bird cuts his own quill and proceeds" - Dr Martinez was "the Parakeet" and Joseph Lapierre was "the Nightingale")