El Perico 12/12/85 - page 4 first column

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Moreover, I do not deny the Lord to be the King of the Jews; this is the Christ, the Messiah and the King desired of all nations but He wanted to declare that His kingdom was not like those of this world but a kingdom spiritual and eternal, that in no way was it opposed to the rights of Caesar over Judea. In the significant version of the Gospels by Father Petite he translates it: "But my kingdom is not of here". In in Father Petisco's manuscript it is translated: "The fact is, my kingdom is not of here".

I understand very well, my naive dove, that as a woman apparently very fat you are actually very skinny, lean of flesh and more lean yet of spirit; and thus prone to the whims of the delights that prompt the lust of power.
But I understand better than the woman who is pure as the lily of the field can be withered by the slightest breath of the strong north wind and for this she should get out of danger, escape the world and its delusions, and still more from politics, well of sewer gas! Suffocating atmosphere.

And I understand now that in order that your self-esteem may not suffer, you must not depart in the slightest from that faint straight line of your delicate ministry which demands strict compliance, all your attention, using for this purpose every day of your life and every hour of the day, preaching love, gentleness, harmony, between the faithful and instilling by example the love of suffering in this vale of tears to receive the prize there, in the true kingdom of Christ, where are those who fulfilled their mission, here in The earth, lest in the moment when we are called to account there above you may not be found deficient and punished with a well-deserved frightful suffering.

Forgive me sister for any subtle hardness of frail language from a creature so talkative and and clearly convinced of the pure and fervent love of your sister so attached.

Clarisa the Unfortunate