This is a picture of Mr. Woodpecker himself -author of this first article: " of human sciences, Doctor of the humanities and inhumanities; member of the academy of the foul-mouthed ...honorary member of several European scientific societies ...etc...etc...etc."

NOTE: In the original Spanish, Mr. Woodpecker is actually "Don" Woodpecker. "Don" is a title above the level of the English title "Mr."; it is derived from the Latin "dominus". According to the Wikipedia article:
"Although originally a title reserved for royalty, select nobles, and church hierarchs, it is now often used as a mark of esteem for a person of personal, social or official distinction, such as a community leader of long standing, a person of significant wealth, or a noble, but may also be used ironically."

So it could also be translated: "Lord Woodpecker"