We gratefully acknowledge source materials contributed for this site by:

Descendants of Dr. Martinez:
Steve and Marie Martinez : Very important source documents from sons of Dr. Martinez, Doctoral Thesis of Dr. Martinez, 1951 biography and geneological tables.
Peter C. Martinez : Photo of Dr. Martinez and Maria Teresa Del Pozo Martinez
John Connolly: for details of his interview with his uncle Ramon Martinez (Son of Dr. Martinez).

Verbal testimony of Miguel Martinez Davalos, and his sister Maria Elvira Martinez Davalos (grandson and granddaughter), and his wife Ana Julia Beneras Nuñez1 and of Maria Antonieta Maldonado de Marcillo (great granddaughter) has been and continues to be enormously helpful in clarifying the details and ensuring the correctness of the material on this site.

Daughter-in-Law of Dr. Martinez
Margaret Martinez Yarnall : Geneological Research and Biographical Newspaper Article


The valuable and skilled assistance of Gladys Alicia Cisneros Torres, Librarian at the Carlos A. Rolando collection of the Municipal Library of Guayaquil is gratefully acknowledged.

We were able to obtain some very important source materials for this site thanks to the advice of Dr. Michael T. Hamerly, leading North-American Scholar in Ecuadorian Studies.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Muriel Fraser of concordatwatch for collaboration on many details related to the Concordat of 1862.

Some of the biographies from Rodolpho Perez Pimentel’s collection have been helpful.

Guy Emerson Mount put us in touch with history/bibliography contacts who turned out to be very knowledgeable in this subject area.

For assistance translating a few very difficult words/concepts:
Trinidad Lacasa
Romero Carranza
For assistance in obtaining extremely important source material from Ecuador:
Xavier Echanique
Amparo Echanique and her brother Freddy
Eduardo Serrano


Photo Credits
We gratefully acknowledge the talent and generosity of the following individuals who are the sources of the various images on this site.

Location Image Title/Description Photographer/Source
Short Intro. to South American History Rack at Cartagena Museum Jason Devitt (flickr)

  1. Ana Julia Beneras Nuñez is the granddaughter of Carmelina Del Pozo Marin who was one of the sisters of Maria Teresa Del Pozo Marin, Dr. Martinez’ second wife. She is also the wife of Miguel Martinez Davalos -grandson of Dr. Martinez.
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