This page houses special documents relating to the subject matter of this site. Most are in pdf format.

1951 Biography of Dr. Martinez published in “El Telegrafo”.


The “Esmeralda Affair” was the international incident that ultimately resulted in Eloy Alfaro’s rise to the Presidency of Ecuador.  There were two New York Times articles about the ship “Esmeralda”.  The first article introduces the sale simply as a purchase by Ecuador from Chile with no mention of Japan or the Sino-Japanese War.  The article suggests “the hostile attitude of Peru” (ie: the border dispute) as the reason for the purchase and includes an illustration of the ship.  The second article conveys the news that the secret transaction had been discovered by the Ecuadorian press and the ensuing uproar:
First Article:  Purchase by Ecuador (Dec 2, 1894)
Second article: discovery and ensuing scandal (March 26, 1895)

Select pages from Camilo Destruge’s 1925 work “Historia de la Prensa de Guayaquil” on Dr. Martinez’ publications “El Perico” and “La Reaccion”. Also includes the section on Joseph Lapierre’s publication “El Sol”.

Gomez Iturralde’s work “Los Periodicos de Guayaquil in La Historia” contains a section on El Perico available here in pdf.

Two articles appeared in the New York Times in Connection with the murder of Eloy Alfaro and General Pedro Montero:
Storm Jail and Kill Ecuador Generals (1/29/1912 ) – pdf
Alfaro’s Wife testimony after murder – pdf

A brief article about the attack on President Caamano in 1886 appeared in a New York Times article just a few days later. A side-effect of this attack was a general government crackdown on anyone seen as unfriendly to Caamano’s regime. Dr. Martinez’ publication “El Perico” was closed down, he was briefly jailed and then sent into exile for three years.

The booklet “Eloy Alfaro of Ecuador” by Pan American Union (Washington D.C.) was published in 1943 and it includes a sketch of his life and information on tributes to him in many countries around the world – such as statues, plaques, street namings, etc (English, 785KB, pdf).

A relatively brief outline of the Ellis Island Immigration process is available in a small pdf document on the Website.

Luciano Coral’s celebrated work “El Ecuador y El Vaticano o La Revolucion Religiosa en el Ecuador” (“Ecuador and the Vatican or the Religious Revolution in Ecuador”) was published in 1899. This is the complete book scanned-in to pdf by Google (big file: 11MB). Luciano Coral was the Editor of the Ecuadorian Newspaper “El Tiempo”. He was one of the eight men taken prisoner with Eloy Alfaro, was subjected to unspeakable cruelties and put to death with Alfaro. His book is in Spanish.

Excellent information about the Papal States, Pius IX, etc is available in the book “The Last Days of Papal Rome

An entry from Dr. Martinez appeared in the dental publication “The Dental Cosmos” in 1901; a report about his treatment of a patient referred to him by a Dentist(pages 876-877) . It is yet another example of his lucid command of the English Language. Note that in Spanish the name Xavier is written with a “J” (“Javier”).

An extensive genealogical work -in Spanish- was published by the Municipality of Guayaquil entitled “Contribution for the study of the Colonial Society of Guayaquil” which includes a section on the Aguirre family with a subsection on the Martinez Aguirre line. This includes about three pages of Dr. Martinez’ ancestors and descendants. The relevant pages are scanned-in to a document here.

An extremely important primary source document containing communications from US Government representatives in Ecuador in 1912 is here. This document was downloaded from (Foreign Relations of the United States, US. Dept. of State).  It contains extensive coverage of the events of January 1912.

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