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7/21/11: New Post on “El Perico and the First Exile” of Dr. Martinez.
7/23/11: Added a translation of the last section (“Pecks”) of the December 12, 1985 issue of “El Perico” (on page 4).
7/30/11 – added content to the “Martinez and Alfaro” page on cabinet posts held by Dr. Martinez.
8/18/11 – Added seven more issues of “El Perico” (Spanish only; no new translations yet). Before Dr. Martinez was sent into Exile, there were a total of 14 issues (or “flights”) of El Perico. We now have 10 of the 14 issues available here on the site!
9/8/11 – Added three new documents to the “Library” page. Added a new translation to the page on “El Perico” and the first Exile.
9/23/11 – Added a new page on the Del Pozo Family including photos of Del Pozo Family members.
9/24/11 – Added new content to the “Maria Teresa” page regarding her sister Ines.
11/7/11 – New content has been added to the “Aviary” page.
11/13/11 – A translation of an excerpt from a third historian on “El Perico” is available here.
11/20/11 – A new post has been added on “The concept of Patronage” (menu: Church/State; History)
4/16/12 – Updated explanation of the Witch’s Cauldron on the clickable image of the December 1885 Issue of “El Perico” based on new information from Enrique Ayala Mora’s “Lucha politica y origen de los partidos en Ecuador” (“Political struggle and origin of the parties in Ecuador”).
4/20/12 Added translations from two of Enrique Ayala Mora’s books (under “History of Ecuador”). Note that most pages of the site have been updated to reflect the results of this new research.
5/20/12 – Minor modifications to the page “The histories of Enrique Ayala Mora”.
9/1/12 – Added new content about the “Twenty Day Campaign” in the section on the “Liberal Split” on the “Presidents>Eloy Alfaro” page.
9/1/12 – Added new page >Galleries>”The Railroad”
11/11/12 – Cleared up some typo’s and unclear translations at: Excerpts from Enrique Ayala Mora’s “History of the Liberal Revolution” ( …in the section entitled: “Failure of the Ultramontane Resistance” )
1/11/13 – Added a new section to the biography page entitled “More Details on the second Exile”.
1/23/13 – Minor edits to the biography page at the sections entitled “The Dragging of Eloy Alfaro…”, and “More Details on the second exile”.

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