This page is intended to log all corrections to this site.

7/18/11:  The second wife of Dr. Martinez was not related in any way to the first wife.  All references suggesting this were removed.  (These errors had come from a phone conversation with an Ecuadorian Historian who was confused about the matter at the time of the phone call)

7/20/11:  Some wording on the Biography page which had quoted a source saying that Dr. Martinez had returned to the U.S. after hearing of the murder of President Moreno was changed because at present this is unsubstantiated and until more solid proof is found this must be regarded as questionable.

7/26/11: Corrections made to Timeline: erroneous or questionable references to Maria Teresa’s age were fixed (it is still being researched), corrected reference to Dr. Martinez’ wives (that they were not related), modified description of Bishop of Guayaquil.

7/27/11: Added/Amended Translation of El Perico 12/12/85 – page 2 column 2 …and translation of the “El Criterio” stirrer in the Cauldron on page 3 of the same issue.

7/31/11 – slight modification to “El Perico and the first exile” regarding the pregnancy of his wife and number of his children at the time of exile based on direct information from Ecuadorian descendants.

8/4/11 – Amended translations of “Nieto” and one more reference to “El Criterio” at the 12/12/85 issue of El Perico (clickable translation).

8/10/11 – Biography page and timeline: adjusted all chronological references to first and second marriages of Dr. Martinez to reflect newly-discovered correct dates of Oct 13, 1873, and Nov. 28th 1896 respectively. Changed references to his return from U.S. to Ecuador to reflect this new information. Updated date for death of Rafaela with newly-discovered information. Modified reference to Dr. Martinez’ return to Ecuador on the “Martinez and Alfaro” page.
9/29/11 – Corrected Biography page – location of second exile changed to Chile.
1/10/14 – Corrected Biography page – Year of death of Rafaela (first wife of Dr. Martinez) changed to 1892 (Authorities: Pimentel and great-granddaughter Maria Antonieta).
6/29/19 – Corrected Biography page – On further information from Maria Antonieta, date of death of Rafaela was changed to 1894. Also the number of her surviving children was changed from “twelve” to “nine” (The “twelve” would have included children who died in childhood).

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