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The Railroad

The railroad was one of the accomplishments of the Alfaro Presidency. The extreme difficulty of this project was due primarily to the unique geography but also to the climate. Before completion of the railroad in the early 20’th century, of … Continue reading

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Interim Presidents (1875-1895)

Presidents of Ecuador in the two decades1 between Garcia Moreno and Eloy Alfaro (1875-1895) President Veintimilla (1876-1883) A year after the Assassination of Gabriel Garcia Moreno, Ignacio de Veintemilla assumed the presidency of Ecuador by coup. Initially, Veintemilla was determined … Continue reading

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Alfaro in Ecuador Today

The memory of Eloy Alfaro is kept alive in Ecuador today Centenary Commemorations On the occasion of the Centenary of the events of January 28th, 1912, appropriate ceremonies commemorated the great contributions of Eloy Alfaro, presided over by his great … Continue reading

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Garcia Moreno

Gabriel Garcia Moreno was the President of Ecuador from 1861 to 1865 and from 1869 to 1875. He was well educated – a chemistry professor – unlike most of the Ecuadorian Presidents who preceeded him, who came from military backgrounds. … Continue reading

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Eloy Alfaro

Birth and Ethnicity Eloy Alfaro was born in 1842 in Montecristi, Ecuador. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography: His father, Manuel Alfaro, was a Spaniard who came to the town as a buyer of straw hats and settled down … Continue reading

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