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Birds, Birds, Birds!! Dr. Martinez’ Publication “El Perico” made extensive use of birds as symbols. So lets see some birds!!

The Poet in “El Perico” went by the pseudonym of “The Nightingale” (Spanish: “Ruisenor”). His real name was Joseph Lapierre:

“Mr. Woodpecker” (Spanish: “Don Pico Carpintero”) was a bird in “El Perico”. Three videos of Woodpeckers are below:
Pileated Woodpecker:

Pileated Woodpecker

Guayaquil Woodpecker:

Slideshow of Birds of Ecuador (and Parakeets and Woodpeckers):

Ready to see a large selection of the birds of Ecuador? Click on the links below (Note: when you click these links, a new browser window or tab will open to display the slideshow …you’ll need to close that window/tab when you are finished to return to

The Birds of Ecuador #1
(pbase: Dubi Shapiro)
The Birds of Ecuador #2 (pbase: Bruce Taubert)
The Birds of Ecuador #3 (pbase: Christian Giljam)
The Birds of Ecuador #4 (pbase: Linda Alley)

….and here’s an excellent selection of Woodpeckers:

(pbase: Mac Knight)

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