Del Pozo Family Genealogy

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The second wife of Dr. Martinez was Maria Teresa Del Pozo; she came from a large family of nine children. This page shows her family tree. The parents were Pastor Del Pozo Marin1 and Ines Santos Santos2. They had nine children. When available, a photo is included, otherwise only a name appears. More photos will be added if they become available.

Pastor Del Pozo Marin
[singlepic id=23 h=60]

Maria Esther
[singlepic id=21 h=60]Ines
[singlepic id=2 h=60]Maria Teresa
[singlepic id=32 h=60]Pastor
Juan Jose


The Children of Ines Del Pozo Santos were:
Agnes (born in Peru, deceased), Carlotta (Born in Ecuador, deceased), Charles (Born in the U.S., currently residing in Long Island New York).

The children of Maria Teresa Del Pozo Santos (now deceased) were:
Ramon, Maria Teresa, Maria Dolores, Jacinto, Maria Ines, Bonifacio

Note that In Ecuador, a granddaughter of Carmelina Del Pozo Santos, named “Anita” is married to a grandson of Dr. Martinez (through his first wife Rafaela Serrano y Ruiz) named “Miguel”.

Note that this is a temporary page intended to display information on the Del Pozo Family until a more suitable system is found (ie: genealogical software).

There are many descendants of this Del Pozo Family living mostly in the U.S. and Ecuador.
NOTE: Information about this family is being moved to another page (click here)

The album below contains a selection of photos of Del Pozo Family Members. If you click on the album , the photos will spread out on the page and you can scroll down the page again, click on any one of them and start viewing the slideshow:

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  1. This Pastor Del Pozo Marin had a brother “Roberto Maria Del Pozo Marin” who was the Bishop of Guayaquil. There are records of him at two websites: and The correct spelling of his name was “Marin” not “Martin” as those sites spell it (there should be no “t” in the name). This spelling was verified through present-day Ecuadorian descendants.
  2. The maternal surname of Ines was verified by checking the tombstone of her sister.
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